Where are they made?


All our tennis scoreboard are proudly designed and made in Australia.

What colours are available?


We offer colours to match common court surfaces: Blue, red or green for hard courts, clay or synthetic/grass.

Are the numbers shown on both sides?


The reverse side of the scoreboard is a mirror image of the front with the same level of detail and finish.

Do they use a specific type of tennis ball?


Use any standard tennis ball.  Brand new or old and worn.

How are they made?


We use High Density Polyethylene ("HDPE"). It is a premium outdoor material that is often used to manufacture playgrounds, designed to withstand exposure to the elements.   It is a two-tone product with a white core and a coloured surface. That's why they look great after we machine them, the white core becomes a highlight.  There is no painting involved in our process and you will be amazed how vibrant the colours are.