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Empower your tennis courts!

Finally, a scoreboard that players love and everybody can see clearly.

Sleek design. Bold colours. Simple to install. Fun to use! Welcome to your new Premium Tennis Scoreboards, designed by our tennis family for yours.

We became tired of using the rusty, and often broken, sliders that can be found on most tennis courts. Are your scoreboards in need of an upgrade?

We decided to embark on a mission to design a scoreboard that was not only a pleasure to use, but would also add a unique spark to the fun of tennis scoring.

After twelve months of brainstorming and testing concepts, we have designed a beautiful scoreboard that’s exceptionally crafted - you insert your own tennis balls to make the action of scoring a pleasure, not a hassle!

With three bright colour choices, red, blue and green, and large engraved characters, the scoreboards are clearly visible from a distance and make for a striking addition to a game of tennis. Choose the colour that best matches your courts, club or school logo. Or simply order the colour you like best.

Designed and manufactured in Australia with premium outdoor materials, our Tennis Scoreboards are durable for every season of the year. We’re excited to share our journey with you, and hope you love using our scoreboards as much as you love tennis.


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Finest Materials

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Colour Options

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Easy to Install

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Made for fun

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Highest Quality

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Easily Stored

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“These scoreboards complement the look of our brand new courts. They are stunning and the players love using them.


"Even though the scoreboards are great, I still only like updating the score when I am winning..."


“Some of the nicest scoreboards I've ever seen.”


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